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Fruitful Kids

Fruitful Kids

Calling all busy parents!  

Shared Birthday parties

Banish forever that conundrum of how to provide gorgeous cake for birthday boys and girls plus all their friends at a shared birthday party!  Fruitful offers an outstanding cupcake for all partygoers (and on-duty parents!) and a personalised mini-celebration cake for each birthday boy/girl, themed in accordance with the party you are throwing.

A standard package of 30 cupcakes plus three mini celebration cakes is £150. Modify this order size to suit your numbers accordingly; get in touch for a quote.

Treat the Class

Got your child’s birthday in the middle of the week and feeling the pressure to treat the class?  Sick of the sight of those cloying American donuts?  Can’t bear the thought of coming home from work and having to bake a batch of cupcakes!? 

The answer is simple: drop Fruitful a line and order a tray of very best cupcakes topped with velvety buttercream.  Any flavour requests accepted. Gorgeous chocolate and traditional vanilla both available at short notice (typically 48 hours).  Usually £3 maximum per cake.